Venera's Bikini Blitz

Venera’s bikini blitz

“I am an exhibitionist,” as the beautiful and busty Venera admits. I like it when men look at me, she said. Which is something I did not always loved. I was trying to cover myself up when I was at younger age. It was so difficult getting so much attention from men and sometimes from women too. But then I have got used to it when I started nude modeling for magazines and websites and then I started to do live webcam shows, which helped a lot too. Slowly I have learned not to be shy and started to be proud of my gorgeous body. Not so long after that I have started to show off my body, as many times as I could. When stunning Venera enters the picture wearing a tiny bikini and you see her huge natural tits, that will be the point when you become her fan. Venera has been featured on pornloverz before, feel free to check out her nude pictures and videos here.

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