Sheridan Love Bikini Babe

Sheridan Love is a Bikini Babe

Sheridan Love is a hot bikini babe. She is not 20 anymore but honestly she has a body of a twenty years old. Sheridan loves luxury and she even more loves a nice pool on a hot and steamy day in Florida. She even makes the pool hotter! She steps right into the pool, takes her bikini top and bottom off right away. The cool water gives a refreshing feeling to her great body. Sheridan Love plays with herself, then she feels the urge to cum… This time she doesn’t want to cum in the pool, but somewhere else.

What happens next?

She walks right into the house. Lays down on the couch, streches her legs. Then she starts sucking on her nipples. Hmmm…there is a small piercing in that nipple, in case you did not notice. Her afternoon is Miami is getting better and better, as she gets closer to a loud orgasm. Her body shakes and she squirts all over the place. She doesn’t need to cleanup after her, we let her leave it just like that. We want to have this beautiful babe to have a good time and not to worry about anything. Please we would love to have her back in our cozy Miami apartment in the near future too.

Sheridan Love

lives in Las Vegas, but she would easily fit into the South Beach lifestyle when she goes out. She hates very too many clothes and Sheridan loves to show plenty of cleavage for those big tits lover guys. She could easily cause an accident, when she walks out from the house. Her look is just amazing. Imagine that nicely tanned babe with huge 34G cups. Sheridan is a tiny girl with big boobs, her height is only 5′.

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