Happy Boob Year with Alexya

The countdown begins with Alexya, when she is happily bouncing up and down until the old clock hits midnight and a new year of 2016 begins. We’re looking forward to another big-boobed year with this gorgeous Romanian brunette and one of our favorite covergirl of December 2015. Her dress looks amazing, like she has just stepped out from 1920’s movie. When you are with Alexya, every night and day is party time as long as she shows off her cute personality and big natural boobs. As soon as we past midnight, she starts taking her dress off and showing her beautiful natural body for us. Hot, sexy and young, Alexya is a fantastic girl from Europe.

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Foot fetish is thing for a long time now. Foot fetishism or foot worship is a sexual interest in someone’s feet. It is the most common form of fetishism for a body part. Most of the foot fetishist are men and only a small part of them are women.

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Kristina Milan – The dominican goddess

Kristina Milan, the subject of this post. She is a well-known, very popular Dominican pornstar and bbw porn lovers got to know her really well. She is very eager and she is a happy personality. An addition to her enormous tits, Kristina is hugely popular for her lactating boobs. Her ideal date is a nice dinner and hours of good fucking after all.

She claims that she has so much milk in her tits because she is drinking dominican beer. We are not sure if it is true or not, but honestly she can lactate those huge tits anytime. She is one the most beautiful naturally curved women out there.

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Autumn-Jade Body Shop

Beautiful Southern girl Autumn-Jade always wanted her own body shop. When she decided to open one to make sure that all your needs (for your car, of course) were taken care of. Autumn is gorgeous, she is exactly like a calendar girl from a huge poster, what you usually see in body shop’s or inside a locker. She is from Alabama and every inch of her shows a real woman. Autumn-Jade is usually very shy, she always tries to cover her gigantic 34I (!) natural boobs and she doesn’t like it too much when people are looking at her in a store or anywhere else on the street. We can understand the curiosity of these people, such beautiful curves are very hard to hide. In this scene, everything gets wet and messy, including the car too.

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Terry Nova and Claire Dames get their soft hands-on with two hard dicks in “The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6.” Hand jobs and titfucks are ready to be given by these these two very different busty girls, one from the Czech Republic and the other sexy babe is American, these sexy girls bring their own styles to this “battle”. All these hot porn scenes are shot in POV (point-of-view) style so you’re the man in the game and in the middle of attention of these two cock hungry babes. Hope you are ready, because Terry and Claire do not play around! If you wanna have this video, download it here in HD quality.

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Busty Buffy felt a little naughty today, so she asked her 1 night stand to cover her giant natural boobs in chocolate first, then to fuck her little wet pussy and at the end to cover those juggs with sperm. Let’s say that her boy did not mind her request and did it all what Lucie Wilde (her alias) asked for.


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Maserati – Huge Tits Ebony Babe World Cups Winner

Maserati is always having a hard time finding bras which will fit her huge natural tits perfectly. Every time we see Maserati, it looks like her boobs grew even bigger.
With her height of 5’4 it is already a wonder, how such 34H tits could be carried around without any pain or back problems.

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Once there is a photoshoot takes place, they always look back a few years to see her tits before and now. The difference is just simply amazing. They have delivered a good selection of bras for Maserati and her new friend helps her to try them all on. She comes into the room wearing a gorgeous white dress, which barely covers her giant tits. I can tell you it is pretty hard not to get hard by just looking at her, so we can completely understand the “poor” guy helping her. He is actually more like touching and grabbing Maserati’s big boobs then helping with the lingerie, but well we would do the same.
She tries on many bras, then she stops at a gorgeous red piece and looks like that would be the winner.

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Once she picks that red bra, her boy toy goes behind her and takes it off from her. Her tits are falling out from it and he grabs it right away. His hands are all over Maserati’s chocolate body and soon she goes down on her knees to pay back the tits massage.
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The Hottest Lesbian scene: Alexis meets Luna


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In this particular classic movie Alexis May possibly, the great Scot (Busty Hookers) kicked away from her American arrival. Partially one, Alexis meets Luna, an attractive American model who looks much like Alexis, she could possibly be her sister, or a minimum of a cousin.

They come on chummy real fast. Luna seductively sucks on the lollipop, then they suck on their nipples and get incredibly close, like girls accomplish. Now that they are usually well-acquainted and mashed-up, Luna puts on the giant strap-on cock as well as fucks the Scottish out of Alexis, ramming into the woman’s soaking wet “fud, ” to borrow a Scottish slang concept for pussy.

“My chest makes guys instantly interested in me over plenty of other girls, so I get their attention easily while other girls have a tough time getting attention, ” Alexis stated. “I mean, all I can do is stick out and about my chest and When i get attention. ”

How are most guys during intercourse with Alexis anyway? Not really porn studs, just men?

“I think some guys understand what they’re doing, some guys don’t understand what they’re doing and are likely to learn, and some guys think they understand what they’re doing but never, ” Alexis said.

Alexis was just 21 yrs . old when she made this specific DVD. She already knew all there is to know. “I was always getting into trouble with the teachers and my parents, mostly relating to sex. ”

Today, Alexis day-to-day lives in Spain.

Marta La Croft, the 25 years old Spanish Beauty

Stunning Spanish brunette, isn’t she? Her name is Marta La Croft and she is only 25 years old, born in sunny Spain.
She was a naughty girl yesterday and called Antonio to come over. Let’s agree, she was cock hungry. Grabbed Antonio’s dick and she started sucking, he wanted to return the favor by licking her wet pussy properly. Then they started fucking like crazy…

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Swimsuit Spectacular with Dolly Fox

Your favorite model since 2015, is without a doubt Dolly Fox. This gorgeous babe came to our attention last year and since then, she is the all time favorite on pornloverz.net according to the post views and search engine results. We do not blame you for loving such a beautiful girl with all the right curves.

She is knows for her amazing body, great ass, fantastic pair of big tits and that lovely smile. She also works out a lot and Dolly Fox eats proper food too, that what keeps her in such great shape.

Dolly is also very open minded towards guys and girls too, if you are lucky enough and you push all the right buttons, she might go for sex on a first date. BUT! It doesn’t mean that she is easy to get. I think for most of us, she will remain our dreamgirl, someone to fantasize about.

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