Eva Notty Special: Tits and Tugs

Eva Notty is again in the mood for some sex and she is not hiding her feelings about it. She knows that her hot MILF body will drive any guys crazy, her big tits are so juicy that the boys wanna suck on it for hours. Eva starts stripping down from her clothes, making her nipples crazy hard and getting her pussy wet to be ready to be fucked.

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Chat Sex Is In Your Mind, But Not Sure Where To Go With It

Chat Sex is something we all think about it. Of course it is not as good as real sex, but it comes real close nowadays. For example before we had only phone sex options for those horny fellas. Actually they still do have that option and many people are into phone sex.

I prefer Chat Sex

over phone sex. It is just more personal in my opinion. I go on the net every single day and I look for new places to have some chat sex with a naughty girl or two. That keeps me happy. Sometimes I just do it with my wife and we both go online and enjoy a few hours of sex chat with sweet, good looking babe live. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing these live girls happy, while doing chat sex with them.

Plenty of Chat Sex Options

out there. Now if you wanna chat sex, you can only type and wait for a reply with your favorite girl. You can also make it more interactive, especially with popular chat sex girls. Those ladies sometimes entertaining hundreds or even thousands of men in their chat sex rooms. To grab their attention, you might wanna take them to private. The private session means that the girl is only talking to you and she is not occupied with hundreds of other fellas. She only pays attention to you and that is a great thing. You can ask her to do various tasks for your pleasure or simply let her do her own things. I usually let them do whatever they wanna do and that’s just a lots of fun. Some love to suck on their own nipples, others fuck their pussy with toys or with their fingers. Other girls are into anal and they let you watch them as they penetrate their butthole. So as you see, chat sex is super fun and it is up to you when you want to start with it.

Valory Irene & Chica – Busty Lesbians


Note: Allow silverlight plugin to play the video.

Big tits women don’t have a cultural and nationalistic obstacles between them. In relation to jiggling and constantly moving, there is absolutely no prejudice, no bigotry. Big boobs unify the planet. Ukrainian citizen Valory Irene along with Dominican local Chica met for the 1st time on Chica’s garden soil and hit that off as boobie close friends. Chica took Valory with a local bodega along with together they ended up into string tankinis and posing for nude pictures.

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The [Finally!] Comeback!

And yeah, with fresh new multiple changes!

First of all, thank you all for supporting, commenting, loving, sharing these posts and following this blog dedicated to your generous attention!

Just a few notes about “What happened ever since?”
In the middle of March, I had an epic problem with my computer, to tell you everything, I lost more than 75% of my data, because of a lot of viruses, Trojans, etc.
So I had to invest in a new computer, but most of the data that our team had been storing on an external hard drive (for safety measures, you know.) which, to our great misfortune, was also affected by the different malwares.
(Rosebuds for the whole team, ffs!)

That was the last straw for the team, who finally decided to give me back the total management of this accomplished work (Shout out to this great blog, by the way!).

To conclude with this helluva damn story, I had to move to another country, to a new culture, without any financial support, and everything that matters…

That being said, let’s get back to business, in other words, this great blog!

I, because now I no longer speak plural, am very happy to announce the future arrival of the Version (v.13), renamed [pOS 13] now. 
Why so?

This acronym means “porn OS, thirteenth generation of official information and naughty intelligence”. Lovely and shiny, isn’t it?

I will publish, a little later, a complete article on this whole new version that I developed for the greatest pleasure of my dear mischievous information followers, however, if I had to summarize in a few words the novelties that the latter will bring, I would say:

  • Addition of new subsidiary categories
  • Biographies of all our beloved porn stars up to date
  • A new porn star posted daily
  • Suggestions and messages will be treated, even if I don’t answer them directly (and in time, at least I will try to do the best I can!)
  • All hashtags will be up to date. Some will disappear in favour of the new ones, more adequate (also because of the quantitative restriction of hashtags, maximised at 30 per article on Tumblr)
  • More readable and comprehensive text reading, also more complete, thanks to sections in  italics, bold, strikethrough, hyperlinked, in parentheses and in brackets.
  • Addition of situations of absence or presence, with more details added in the case of a positive response to this element.

I will let you discover all the new features in details when it will be effective and published.
While waiting for this new wind of freshness, don’t hesitate to give your impressions, submit your ideas, love, share and follow this blog with passion and bravery!

With all my respect for each one of you, my beloved followers (and apparently, you are now more than 31k!), I wish you all the best! And THIS deserves a round of applause! Bravo! #SoProud

Your Kinky Information Provider

Dolly Fox Katie Thomas – Curvy Blondes Kinky Moments

I had the idea to post some Dolly Fox videos earlier and it was a big success. Twitter account get lit up after that tweet. Many people shared it and liked it too. Today I will continue this journey to find more lesbian videos like that. I am presenting you Today Dolly Fox Katie Thomas in Curvy Blondes and Kinky Moments.

Dolly Fox Katie Thomas

are not your average girls. These 2 hot babes know what they want when it comes to sex and they are not afraid to go for it. It all starts on a lonely afternoon, while Dolly Fox was sitting on her bed. She felt lonely, therefore she invited her hot friend Katie Thomas over. You need to know that these lovely ladies are very top heavy and we love that.
When Katie Thomas came over, they started kissing almost immediately and they felt the urge to explore each other’s bodies. We had featured Katie already on our site but I did not know until now that she had lesbian movies. Especially with Dolly Fox Katie Thomas.

Katie Thomas alias Katie Thornton

…oh my, that is my dream couple when it comes hot lesbian porn. Back to the ladies, they started to play with their huge tits and finally they took their bra off. Those tits are only for serious boobs lovers. Katie pushed Dolly down and lick her tits all over, sucked on her nipples and made those nipples hard in seconds. Dolly Fox did not let Katie Thomas to suck on her boobs for a long time, because she got horny and she wanted to do the same to her. Miss Fox grabbed Katie’s boobs and try to suck them off from her chest. She has felt it that it is time to taste Katie’s pussy and she got between her tights and licked that joy hole for long minutes.

All the way

till orgasm. Then grabbed her favorite pink vibrator and fucked Katie’s pussy with it. That was their idea and they did go for it. Dolly Fox Katie Thomas laid down completely naked on their back and started to play with their sex toy. They pushed those colorful vibrators all the way up. Therefore they have kept pushing it and pushing it, until their body was shaking in joy and both were overwhelmed as the wave of orgasm hit them. Don’t believe me? Just watch the Dolly Fox Katie Thomas lesbian porn video below.

Allie Pearson in Tits That Give You Fits

As Xmas is approaching, we keep finding these naughty girls like Allie Pearson. She appears to be a gorgeous bbw and she even sounds like a shy one. BUT! Do not let her fool you, she is a very naughty babe at heart. First Allie tells you about her bra problems, then you will soon figure it out that she doesn’t even like bras because those do not support her huge natural boobs. She rather be naked, so she can easily access those beautiful big tits and suck on her own nipples. Yes, she can do that. Not so many sexy ladies are able to do that, but when someone has jaw dropping big natural boobs like Allie Pearson, then it is a piece of cake for her to do so.
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Foxy & Stacked featuring the Amazing Dolly Fox

Foxy & Stacked featuring the Amazing Dolly Fox!
Yes, you have read it right. Dolly Fox is here and back again! Who doesn’t love Dolly Fox’s big boobs stacked on a slim and shapely rack? Who doesn’t love Dolly’s sexy voice, the way she moves, how she eye-bangs? Boot and heel lovers will also get a kick out of her second scene with Scoreland.

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Busty Buffy’s huge natural tits covered in chocolate

Busty Buffy felt a little naughty today, so she asked her 1 night stand to cover her giant natural boobs in chocolate first, then to fuck her little wet pussy and at the end to cover those juggs with sperm. Let’s say that her boy did not mind her request and did it all what Lucie Wilde (her alias) asked for.


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Busty Buffys huge natural tits covered in chocolate Busty Buffys huge natural tits covered in chocolate

In a Sex Spa with Eva Karera

Eva Karera is from Los Angeles, this beautiful babe with her 34G tits loves working at her new job. Eva actually works in a sex spa, pleasing lucky customers. First with her smoothing voice and then with her mouth and tight pussy. She is borned to be a pleaser, her hot body and big tits are made for sex. Eva Karera loves to play dirty with all her clients, she doesn’t let those guys leave until they are all satisfied. One day she decided to turn the tables and she wanted to be pleased by Peter Green’s strong hands.
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My first XXX featuring Jessie Simmons

We just introduced Jessie Simmons last month to you guys in this post and today she is about to lose her video virginity. It wasn’t so easy to talk Jessie into doing hardcore porn movies, but at the end we have succeeded. From your point of view, I think it is a pretty good thing. You can see this gorgeous and young Czech girl being fucked in stunning HD quality.

If you are not into juicy natural tits, a cute face and a super-tight pussy, then I am not sure what else we can offer you…

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The hottest young busty girl – Lil Emma from Chaturbate

We have found Lil Emma last night while have fun on chaturbate and we thought it would be nice to “share her” with you too. All we know about her that she is European hot girl and most probably from Eastern Europe, guessing Romania but not 100% sure. If you know her, then share this info in the comments.

Anyway she is one of the hottest cam girl we have seen in a long time. She is teasing and she has a slim body with nice big natural tits. Those are so big compared to her body, then of course they gravitate a bit but to be honest, it just makes the whole picture even more sexy. We have spent about 1 hour or 2 (who is counting?) watching her dancing on cam, chatting with her viewers (approx. 5000 people at any given time!), making funny faces and oiling up her big tits and sexy ass.

Lil Emma is really something else and if you have a chance or a little time, then go ahead and register a free account.

It is so easy to open a free account, you do not even have to enter your email. I think it makes it much more friendlier than any other cam sites.

I will show you how, it takes 2 steps. First click here to go to their site.

Click on the “SIGN UP” in the top right corner.

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chaturbate signup free account

Choose a username and password, enter your birthday, your gender and click “Create Free Account”. That’s it, you are done.

NO confirmation email, NO clicking links, NO credit card data. Nice and easy to start chatting with horny amateur girls!

The hottest young busty girl   Lil Emma from Chaturbate
Chaturbate sign up free account step 2

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Hairy Girls – You Know You Love Their Sweet Pussy Bush

There are days when I appreciate a nicely (and freshly) shaved pussy, but there other days when I just want lick pretty hairy girls. I am not sure if this is considered a fetish or not.

Hairy Girls Are Hot

and that’s a fact. So it doesn’t matter what other people think. For some of them I know it is considered discusting or gross. Just think with me for a second, 20-30 years ago we only had women with hairy pussy. You turn on your favorite porn VHS tape and 100% sure that most of the girls in that porn movie were hairy girls. Isn’t that right?

Shaved Pussy Or Hairy Pussy

This is a big debate and it is only up to you, which one do you prefer. A nicely shaved young teen or hairy girls. To be honest I prefer girls with a little bit of hair on their pussy, but under the arm pit, NO THANK YOU. That’s considered a big no-no for me. I just love eating out a pussy, I cannot help it. From that moment on when I am between a girl’s tights I do not care if she has shaved or not. Most importantly she has to be clean and healty like I am and that’s it.

ATK Gives You Great Discount

on their ATK Hairy porn site. They have a huge an amazing hairy girls content to offer. First of all, they offer lifetime discount pass. Over 1800 hot models, 25.000 picture sets, more than 8000 hairy girls with hairy pussy videos and almost 4 million photos. The best thing that they also have 43% discount on their monthly price. ATK Hairy discount access can be yours now for only $19.95. Amazing offer, fantastic content and unbeatable price for such site. They do not have bonus sites, but you not gonna need it.