Version 13 is out!

Welcome the [pOS 13] version!

So, what about this fresh new data update?
As I said before, I was with any kinda work material, so I had plenty of time to think about how to make this blog even better.
Well, to be honest, that was not an easy task to accomplish!
However, here we go!

New look, new features, new hashtags, even more details, and even more precision in each single category!
[pOS 13] (which meaning “porn OS, thirteenth generation of official information and naughty intelligence”) is THE new thing to see!

Be careful now, because you will be wiped out, thanks to all the new details added!

Enough talk, let the show begins!

[Name]: That’s the current name of the star. I am looking for the most used scene name, also the one that this star is using right now. 
Now the name of the porn star is placed in the title section (yeah, because it wasn’t since the beginning, lol) 

[Photo]: Obviously, you want (and you need) to see and know who I am talking about. Porn stars will get a more or less naked coloured picture, except for dead ones, who will get a black and white photo, to be more significative.

-> Basic Informations (I just added an “s”.)

  • *Birth Name: Well, this one is new. Not brand new, but now, it’s a subsidiary category, and it won’t be in brackets any more!

  • Also known as (Aliases): Even if we only put her top scene name in hashtags, you can even find a porn star with all her misspelling names in the “Search” section. i.e. Abella (or Bella) Danger)
  • Birth Day (Age): When she came to Earth. (Vaginal creampie + woman pregnancy confirmed + waiting 18 years and 9 months = A fresh new porn starlet!). I now add, in parentheses, her current age. 
    #born in (year), #born in (month)
  • Zodiac Sign: Same thing. I just changed the subtitle because astrology is a real domain, and it’s not only defined by our twelve constellation stars. 
    #(zodiac) sign

  • Birth Place: Where she was born. And not where she was raised. Notice that.

  • *Ethnicity: Caucasian | Black | Asian | Latin | Arabian
    #(ethnicity) girls

  • Nationality: Main (& Second, if she’s got a double nationality)
    #(nationality) girls

  • Origins: Where she is from. Mom and Dad’s blessings, you know, not the country or the city she was living before now.

  • Years of activity: begin – end/present 
  • *Career Status: Active | Retired | Dead (date of death) 
    Explicit content.
    #active porn stars

  • Number of films as Performer: – official (- total (which means “in addition of all of her web scenes & compilations” here))
    Also explicit. Just read it.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Number of films as Director: – official (- total)
    Again, explicit content. Just read it.
    #porn movie director

-> Body

  • Height: – feet – inches | – cm
    Is she a cute little one? Maybe she could see your white hair on your head? 
    #cute little girls (if Height < 160 cm), 
    #impressive tall girls (if Height > 172 cm)

  • Weight: – lbs | – kg
    Numbers that appear when anyone steps on that weird machine… 
    No hashtag for it though.

  • Body Shape: Athletic | Slim | Curvy | Average | Chubby | BBW | SSBBW 
    What her body looks like, with, however more often without, a dress.
    #(shape) girls

  • Hair Color: Blonde | Brunette | Black | Auburn | Red | Dyed 
    The [original] color of her hair.
    #(color) hair

  • Hair Style: Short | Medium | Long ; Straight | Wavy | Curly
    The [original] length and style of her hair.
    #(length) & (type) hair

  • Eye Color: Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Hazel 
    Deep blue? Passion brown? Lovely green? Mystic hazel? Freezing grey?
    #(color) eyes
  • Measurements: Bust: – in (- cm) | Waist: – in (- cm) | Hip: – in (- cm)
    #good hips (if 38 < Hip size < 44 inches), 
    #amazing hips (if Hip size > 44 inches)

  • Bra & Cup size: – (-) Letter
    Big enough or not? Hmm… 
    #teen boobs (for A & B cups), #good boobs (for C & D cups), 
    #great boobs (for E & F cups), #massive boobs (for G and above ones)

  • Boobs: Natural (Real) | Enhanced (Fake)
    Whether her breasts are currently real ones or not. 
    #real natural boobs or #fake enhanced boobs
  • Tattoos: No | Yes
    Does she like ink on her sweet body, or not?
    #inked girls or #no tattoos

  • Piercings: No | Yes
    Does she like having some metal stuff in her skin?
    #pierced girls or #no piercings

  • Shoe Size: – US | – UK | – EUR
    (If found.) No hashtag for it.

-> On-Screen Performances

  • Anal: No | Yes
    Sexual penetration in her rectum..
    #does anal

  • Ass To Mouth (A2M): No | Yes
    When she takes with no transition a cock from one’s ass (including hers) to her mouth.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Domination (BDSM): No | Yes
    Subsidiary category which gathers various domination-like sex categories, such as Hardcore, Bondage, Training, Fetish, etc.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Creampie: No | Yes, Vaginal | Anal | Both
    Inside injection of man juice, which popped out the vagina, or not. Depends on the porn movie director’s will. 
    #does creampie
  • Cum Swap: No | Yes
    Two girls. One load. Sharing it, with or without kisses.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Double Penetration (DP): No | Yes
    One cock in her pussy, another one in her asshole.
    #does dp

  • Double Anal Penetration (DAP): No | Yes
    Two cocks in her butthole, simultaneously.
    #does dap

  • Double Vaginal Penetration (DPP): No | Yes
    Two cocks in her vagina.
    #does dpp

  • *Triple Penetration (TP): No | Yes, Vaginal | Anal | Both
    Three cocks in the same hole, in a single time.
    #does tp

  • Facial: No | Yes
    Application of man juice on her face. 
    #does facial

  • Fisting: No | Yes, as a Fister | Fistee | Both
    Insertion of a whole hand (or even more!) in one’s mouth, pussy or ass. Depends on the role played by this star.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Interracial (IR): No | Yes
    Sexual performance with Black people.
    No hashtag for this.

  • *Lesbian/Trans: No | Yes, with Girls | Both
    Getting sexually involved with girl(s) and/or transsexual(s). 
    No hashtag for it.

  • Squirts: No | Yes
    Impressive skill of a woman who can apparently be a fountain during a sexual intercourse.
    #She is a squirter
  • Swallows: No | Yes
    Absorption of man juice from her lips to her stomach.
    No hashtag for this.

  • *Rims: No | Yes
    Skill of teasing or licking one’s arse with her tongue.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Watersports (Pee or GS): No | Yes, Pee | Golden Shower | Both
    Peeing on and/or receiving a golden shower from somebody. 
    No hashtag for this, though.

-> Awards, Honors & Hall of Fame

When a porn star is really beautiful, becomes really famous, or has done extraordinary performances in a single week, month, year, decade or her whole career, she will get some awards and stuffs. 
Well, that’s a real purpose! 

Also, you can find her partners, when mentioned. (If you want to discover new faces, you know.)
#awarded porn stars, #honored porn stars, #Hall of Fame porn stars

-> Additional Content

You can find anything else I found on this porn star in this zone. For example, her siblings or parents, when or why she really started porn, etc. 

No hashtags here, however you can get some mentioned people and performances. Sometimes.

-> You can also find her on: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website
(Don’t forget to like, express your love and follow your favorite stars! And this blog, as a main bonus!)

[pOS 13] (It’s just to say this star has been updated to the actual version. However, you can notice that hyper link on every single new star topic. At this exact same place. Related to this topic. That’s just a reminder, in case you forgot hashtags or meanings, you all know…)

Also, if you want to see its elder (v.12) version, you can still click here!

Natasha Nice – a cute French Pornstar

Natahsa Nice is one of the names that commands respect in the porn industry. She is everything that people want in a young, cute girl. She is well-known for her small size, only 1.57 meters, and for her extremely outgoing personality. Also, Natasha Nice nude is known for her extremely busty figure and her lovable curves. While she has been in the business for eight years now, Natasha Nice Pornhub and Natasha Nice Xvideos films are still among the most popular on the web today.

Early Life

Natasha Nice was born in France in 1988, but ended up moving to Los Angeles when she was three. After she graduated from high school at 18, she moved directly into the porn scene where she became renowned for her films. Natasha Nice porn videos began appearing on famous site like Brazzers and Pornhub.

Cam Show Grannies Are Here To Stay And Entertain

Yes, you have read that perfectly fine. Cam Show Grannies are here and these ladies are about to stay for a very long time.

Cam Show Grannies

is completely different kind of entertainment from the usual cam girls. These older women are just as good if not better, then the younger ones. Cam Show Grannies have plenty of experience in sex and also in teasing. Older women know exactly how to treat a man, even if it is only through a web cam. Still, these mature women are here for you and they would love to please you any way they can.

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Beautiful Cam Show Grannies

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Miss Tuning Calendar 2016


The day you have been waiting for is finally here. The hot collection of sexy pictures from the Miss Tuning Calendar 2016 are here and ready for your viewing pleasure. Check out these gorgeous women and hot cars. Women and cars has always been a great match.

For the new Miss Tuning Liana Günter, the coming year will bring more than just the calendar photo shoot with star photographer Max Seam, with the best cars from the European Tuning Showdown serving as a backdrop. She will also participate in the key visual advertising campaign for the next Tuning World Bodensee 2016 (May 5 to 8) as well as a large number of VIP appearances and autograph sessions. (source:

Enjoy these fantastic pictures from the Miss Tuning Calendar 2016:

Bikini Busting – BBW Style

In this BBW porn movie the four chubby ladies; Peaches LaRue, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Ivy Dreams gather on the wooden bridge over the swimming pool at a beautiful estate. For a  week, they must be dressed in swimsuits as they have been told to by their teacher, a Texas-born mistress of bbw sex. The first thing they have to do is to rub oil on each other…

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Sheridan Love is a Bikini Babe

Sheridan Love is a hot bikini babe. She is not 20 anymore but honestly she has a body of a twenty years old. Sheridan loves luxury and she even more loves a nice pool on a hot and steamy day in Florida. She even makes the pool hotter! She steps right into the pool, takes her bikini top and bottom off right away. The cool water gives a refreshing feeling to her great body. Sheridan Love plays with herself, then she feels the urge to cum… This time she doesn’t want to cum in the pool, but somewhere else.

What happens next?

She walks right into the house. Lays down on the couch, streches her legs. Then she starts sucking on her nipples. Hmmm…there is a small piercing in that nipple, in case you did not notice. Her afternoon is Miami is getting better and better, as she gets closer to a loud orgasm. Her body shakes and she squirts all over the place. She doesn’t need to cleanup after her, we let her leave it just like that. We want to have this beautiful babe to have a good time and not to worry about anything. Please we would love to have her back in our cozy Miami apartment in the near future too.

Sheridan Love

lives in Las Vegas, but she would easily fit into the South Beach lifestyle when she goes out. She hates very too many clothes and Sheridan loves to show plenty of cleavage for those big tits lover guys. She could easily cause an accident, when she walks out from the house. Her look is just amazing. Imagine that nicely tanned babe with huge 34G cups. Sheridan is a tiny girl with big boobs, her height is only 5′.

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Chaturbate – Home of hundreds of Amateur Girls

Once you step into the adult world nowadays, you will see thousands of sites like chaturbate girls. Some of them are offering paid content, which you might watch online or even download it. On other sites they have thousands of tube videos to watch. Those are mostly membership sites, where you pay a monthly fee and you get unlimited access to their precious content. These porn sites are pretty good, no doubt about it.

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Chaturbate   Home of hundreds of Amateur Girls
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Hitomi Tanaka oiled by Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells

For example if the United Nations, the United States and the European Union could get along like Micky Bells, Hitomi Tanaka and Natalie Fiore do here, so many problems would be on the way to a happy ending. We should bring our politicians, gather them all and show them these lovely all natural ladies and let them learn from them. There is a thing or two these sexy girls can teach.

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Hitomi Tanaka oiled by Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells

Sea J. Raw-> Basic InformationAlso known as: Sea J, Sea J Raw, See J. Raw [born Sarah…

Sea J. Raw

Sea J. Raw  data-recalc-dims= Basic InformationAlso known as: Sea J, Sea J Raw, See J. Raw [born Sarah..." width="682" data-orig-height="1024" title="Sea J. Raw > Basic InformationAlso known as: Sea J, Sea J Raw, See J. Raw [born Sarah..." />

-> Basic Information

  • Also known as: Sea J, Sea J Raw, See J. Raw [born Sarah Stasik]
  • Birthday: July 12, 1986
  • Astrology: Cancer
  • Birthplace: Oceanside, California, United States
  • Years of activity: 2009 – 2014 (Retired)
  • Number of films as performer: 59 (76 with web scenes & compilations)
  • Number of films as director:
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Origins:

-> Body

  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair color: Black (also Brown)
  • Hair type: Long, Wavy (also Straight)
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
  • Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Measurements: 32-25-34 in (81-63-86 cm)
  • Bra/Cup size: 32C (85C)
  • Boobs: Enhanced
  • Tattoos: “SEA” between two sun bursts below her navel, Hawaiian islands inside her left forearm, Seahorse on her right buttock, Butterfly on her left shoulder, Left ring finger
  • Piercings: Clit, Navel, Both nipples
  • Dress size: 2
  • Shoe size: 8 U.S. 

-> Performances

  • Anal: Yes
  • Ass To Mouth (ATM or A2M): Yes
  • Bondage (BDSM): Yes
  • Creampie: Yes
  • Cum swap: Yes
  • Double Penetration (DP):
  • Double Anal Penetration (DAP):
  • Double Vaginal Penetration (DVP or DPP):
  • Facial: Yes
  • Fisting (Fister or Fistee):
  • Interracial (IR):
  • Squirts: Yes
  • Swallows: Yes
  • Watersports (Pee or GS):

-> Awards, Honors & Hall of Fame

-> Additional Content

-> You can also find her on: Twitter


Creamed Cookie featuring Maserati

Please be aware, there will be a nice creampie inside her! With her thin waist, huge natural J-cup tits and a round butt, Maserati has the perfect body of all. “That’s what people say a lot of times about me, that I have big tits and a small waist,” she said. I think it is time to find out!

Watch the full HD movie of Creamed Cookie featuring Maserati.

Sexy and nude pictures of Maserati, 2015:

The Mobile Sextube – Sex Videos for iPhone and Android

The Mobile SexTube is getting more and more popular in the World. The chance that you are reading this post on a mobile device is pretty high. There are more mobile devices in the world than people. Nowadays 80% of the internet users are mobile users, usually on smartphones. People usually spending 1.8 hours per day on their smartphones and other mobile devices.
68% of the companies are integrating mobile experience into their sites.

Mobile Sextube

is getting more and more popular in the world. More than 50% of mobile users are not even considering visiting porn sites without a mobile version. Even the biggest search engine google won’t rank your site well, if it doesn’t have a mobile version. Therefore the Mobile Sextube is also getting plenty of visits each day from smartphone users.
The biggest advantage of using a phone or tablet for watching porn is the mobility. You do not have to sit front of your computer anymore, if you want to watch porn.

Turn on your smartphone

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There are thousands and thousands of mobile sex tube videos out there. You do not need to carry your laptop with you to watch porn anytime of the day. Just tap your smart device and enjoy it.
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The Mobile Sextube   Sex Videos for iPhone and Android

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Juliana Simms, the beautiful BBW



Check out more Juliana Simms HD videos

“Boys began to notice me at 15 due to my big boobs, Voluptuous covergirl Juliana Simms claims.

When Juliana talks, it’s fairly all to easy to not stare in her chest because she has a lovely face plus a bright, inviting giggle that beams away. Fairly easy mainly because Juliana says she likes whenever you stare at the woman’s big boobs. She will be a happy girl who enjoys the woman’s life.

What’s the average night like with regard to Juliana?

“If We are alone, I want to watch TV, maybe go for a walk with a friend. If I am which has a man, I like sex more than watching TV. inch Juliana started laughing while she was saying this past sentence. She’s not accustomed to talking about sex on-camera. But Juliana do admit that the girl likes sex during the night, not early every day.

Measurement of Juliana Simms: 49-36-45
Her big natural boos are size 40F, her height is 5’7” and she weights around 171 lbs.