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It happenes when mature and well experienced women get their hands on a hard cock, then suck it and tit-fuck it, that lucky fellow is in for a ride of a lifetime. These two nasty ladies, the big tits MILFs Persia Monir, Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo. In “The Breast of Busty MILF Titfucks & Blow Jobs,” Dr. Persia had to check the dick of her patient and she always makes sure that she does a complete check-up with her warm hands and ever deep throat. In the meantime 2 busty cowgirls Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo bust down the village barn, giving a hand job, then sucking a cowboy they have cornered in the stable.
The big tits GILFs milk his hard balls until they get his hot cum all over their big boobs and tight pussies.
I know it sounds like a dream to all men, but this actually happened and here you can download the video too.



PornLoverz – only the best PornStars in 2015

Welcome to!

Let’s see who do we have here so far. First of all we have to mention Mia Khalifa (alias Mia Callista) the lebanese pornstar. Who actually lives in Florida, USA now. Gorgeous, young babe (only 21 years old) and she quickly became the most popular porn star on the internet. She “hit the wagon” at the end of 2014 and she keeps riding it with her fantastic porn movies.

Hitomi Tanaka, these 2 words explain everything. The voluptuous Japanese Porn Star is one of our favorite porn actress. Well know for her huge natural tits which are in US size: 32N or if you prefer the UK size: 32JJ. For her height (1.56m) those are some extremely huge tits. Started as a clothed model, then in 2008 she debuted in her first porn movie. Hitomi has been in hundreds of quality adult films ever since.

Natasha Nice must be mentioned here, she is a well known french pornstar with an excellent personality and a curvy young body. If you are not a fan of silicone tits and you love all natural girls then Natasha Nice will quickly become your favorite french porn star.

If you prefer Russian girls, then our favorite pick would the gorgeous and amazingly busty Yulia Nova. Nothing beats those huge natural tits on a slim figure like hers. She is on of the best Russian Nude Model out there.

Version 13 is out!

Welcome the [pOS 13] version!

So, what about this fresh new data update?
As I said before, I was with any kinda work material, so I had plenty of time to think about how to make this blog even better.
Well, to be honest, that was not an easy task to accomplish!
However, here we go!

New look, new features, new hashtags, even more details, and even more precision in each single category!
[pOS 13] (which meaning “porn OS, thirteenth generation of official information and naughty intelligence”) is THE new thing to see!

Be careful now, because you will be wiped out, thanks to all the new details added!

Enough talk, let the show begins!

[Name]: That’s the current name of the star. I am looking for the most used scene name, also the one that this star is using right now. 
Now the name of the porn star is placed in the title section (yeah, because it wasn’t since the beginning, lol) 

[Photo]: Obviously, you want (and you need) to see and know who I am talking about. Porn stars will get a more or less naked coloured picture, except for dead ones, who will get a black and white photo, to be more significative.

-> Basic Informations (I just added an “s”.)

  • *Birth Name: Well, this one is new. Not brand new, but now, it’s a subsidiary category, and it won’t be in brackets any more!

  • Also known as (Aliases): Even if we only put her top scene name in hashtags, you can even find a porn star with all her misspelling names in the “Search” section. i.e. Abella (or Bella) Danger)
  • Birth Day (Age): When she came to Earth. (Vaginal creampie + woman pregnancy confirmed + waiting 18 years and 9 months = A fresh new porn starlet!). I now add, in parentheses, her current age. 
    #born in (year), #born in (month)
  • Zodiac Sign: Same thing. I just changed the subtitle because astrology is a real domain, and it’s not only defined by our twelve constellation stars. 
    #(zodiac) sign

  • Birth Place: Where she was born. And not where she was raised. Notice that.

  • *Ethnicity: Caucasian | Black | Asian | Latin | Arabian
    #(ethnicity) girls

  • Nationality: Main (& Second, if she’s got a double nationality)
    #(nationality) girls

  • Origins: Where she is from. Mom and Dad’s blessings, you know, not the country or the city she was living before now.

  • Years of activity: begin – end/present 
  • *Career Status: Active | Retired | Dead (date of death) 
    Explicit content.
    #active porn stars

  • Number of films as Performer: – official (- total (which means “in addition of all of her web scenes & compilations” here))
    Also explicit. Just read it.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Number of films as Director: – official (- total)
    Again, explicit content. Just read it.
    #porn movie director

-> Body

  • Height: – feet – inches | – cm
    Is she a cute little one? Maybe she could see your white hair on your head? 
    #cute little girls (if Height < 160 cm), 
    #impressive tall girls (if Height > 172 cm)

  • Weight: – lbs | – kg
    Numbers that appear when anyone steps on that weird machine… 
    No hashtag for it though.

  • Body Shape: Athletic | Slim | Curvy | Average | Chubby | BBW | SSBBW 
    What her body looks like, with, however more often without, a dress.
    #(shape) girls

  • Hair Color: Blonde | Brunette | Black | Auburn | Red | Dyed 
    The [original] color of her hair.
    #(color) hair

  • Hair Style: Short | Medium | Long ; Straight | Wavy | Curly
    The [original] length and style of her hair.
    #(length) & (type) hair

  • Eye Color: Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Hazel 
    Deep blue? Passion brown? Lovely green? Mystic hazel? Freezing grey?
    #(color) eyes
  • Measurements: Bust: – in (- cm) | Waist: – in (- cm) | Hip: – in (- cm)
    #good hips (if 38 < Hip size < 44 inches), 
    #amazing hips (if Hip size > 44 inches)

  • Bra & Cup size: – (-) Letter
    Big enough or not? Hmm… 
    #teen boobs (for A & B cups), #good boobs (for C & D cups), 
    #great boobs (for E & F cups), #massive boobs (for G and above ones)

  • Boobs: Natural (Real) | Enhanced (Fake)
    Whether her breasts are currently real ones or not. 
    #real natural boobs or #fake enhanced boobs
  • Tattoos: No | Yes
    Does she like ink on her sweet body, or not?
    #inked girls or #no tattoos

  • Piercings: No | Yes
    Does she like having some metal stuff in her skin?
    #pierced girls or #no piercings

  • Shoe Size: – US | – UK | – EUR
    (If found.) No hashtag for it.

-> On-Screen Performances

  • Anal: No | Yes
    Sexual penetration in her rectum..
    #does anal

  • Ass To Mouth (A2M): No | Yes
    When she takes with no transition a cock from one’s ass (including hers) to her mouth.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Domination (BDSM): No | Yes
    Subsidiary category which gathers various domination-like sex categories, such as Hardcore, Bondage, Training, Fetish, etc.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Creampie: No | Yes, Vaginal | Anal | Both
    Inside injection of man juice, which popped out the vagina, or not. Depends on the porn movie director’s will. 
    #does creampie
  • Cum Swap: No | Yes
    Two girls. One load. Sharing it, with or without kisses.
    No hashtag for it.

  • Double Penetration (DP): No | Yes
    One cock in her pussy, another one in her asshole.
    #does dp

  • Double Anal Penetration (DAP): No | Yes
    Two cocks in her butthole, simultaneously.
    #does dap

  • Double Vaginal Penetration (DPP): No | Yes
    Two cocks in her vagina.
    #does dpp

  • *Triple Penetration (TP): No | Yes, Vaginal | Anal | Both
    Three cocks in the same hole, in a single time.
    #does tp

  • Facial: No | Yes
    Application of man juice on her face. 
    #does facial

  • Fisting: No | Yes, as a Fister | Fistee | Both
    Insertion of a whole hand (or even more!) in one’s mouth, pussy or ass. Depends on the role played by this star.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Interracial (IR): No | Yes
    Sexual performance with Black people.
    No hashtag for this.

  • *Lesbian/Trans: No | Yes, with Girls | Both
    Getting sexually involved with girl(s) and/or transsexual(s). 
    No hashtag for it.

  • Squirts: No | Yes
    Impressive skill of a woman who can apparently be a fountain during a sexual intercourse.
    #She is a squirter
  • Swallows: No | Yes
    Absorption of man juice from her lips to her stomach.
    No hashtag for this.

  • *Rims: No | Yes
    Skill of teasing or licking one’s arse with her tongue.
    No hashtag for this.

  • Watersports (Pee or GS): No | Yes, Pee | Golden Shower | Both
    Peeing on and/or receiving a golden shower from somebody. 
    No hashtag for this, though.

-> Awards, Honors & Hall of Fame

When a porn star is really beautiful, becomes really famous, or has done extraordinary performances in a single week, month, year, decade or her whole career, she will get some awards and stuffs. 
Well, that’s a real purpose! 

Also, you can find her partners, when mentioned. (If you want to discover new faces, you know.)
#awarded porn stars, #honored porn stars, #Hall of Fame porn stars

-> Additional Content

You can find anything else I found on this porn star in this zone. For example, her siblings or parents, when or why she really started porn, etc. 

No hashtags here, however you can get some mentioned people and performances. Sometimes.

-> You can also find her on: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website
(Don’t forget to like, express your love and follow your favorite stars! And this blog, as a main bonus!)

[pOS 13] (It’s just to say this star has been updated to the actual version. However, you can notice that hyper link on every single new star topic. At this exact same place. Related to this topic. That’s just a reminder, in case you forgot hashtags or meanings, you all know…)

Also, if you want to see its elder (v.12) version, you can still click here!

Bird watching with Leanne Crow

I absolutely love Leanne Crow. In my naughty mind, she’s already a legend, right along with other world class models. Beautiful dark hair she has got, long legs, perfect ass and those enormously huge tits, those are to die for. Her bra size is a whopping 34J! She is a real beauty from the United Kingdom. One of the best nude models out there.

She also has her own website, it is called leannecrowvideos.

Bird watching with Leanne Crow

Beautiful And Hung Shemale Dolls

Beautiful And Hung Shemale Dolls
When this delicious asian tranny girl came by the studio for a photoshoot so sexy dressed
we knew we were in a for a treat. The hot tgirl is dressed to kill and has the body to back it up.
Long slender legs covered in sexy black stockings that go all the way up to her luscious ass. Her hot shemale ass
is covered in a tiny black latex mini skirt and we couldn’t wait to see what was underneath it. She teased the
camera for some time by groping her perfect tits and smacking her yummy ass. When she pulled up the miniskirt for
a view of her firm round ass we were in ladyboy heaven. All the teasing made her as horny as could be and since
no stud was around to please her she took matters into her own hands. She hiked up her mini skirt and pulled her
black panties to one side. Her lady meat sprung to life and she started to caress it, starting with slow light
strokes to make sure it was at full attention. As the intensity picked up she finally pulled off her latex bra
to show off her big firm tits and pointy nipples. She tugs on her nipples and goes back to work on her
well hung tranny cock. She jerks it hard and fast as the goo starts to spill
from its hard purple tip and she moans out in orgasm.

Super Cute 2 Porn Movie – The Hot and Super Cute Girls Are Back

Super Cute 2 – Porn Movie
Length: 2 hrs. 19 mins.
Rating: XXX
Released: Nov 11 2014
Production Year: 2014
Empire SKU: 1717041
Studio: HardX
Number of Discs: 1
UPC Code: 126942100612

Mia Malkova
Aidra Fox
Keisha Grey
Carmen Caliente
Mason Director

Super Cute 2

Award winning porn studio, Hard X, is very proud to announce “Super Cute 2” featuring the return of porn star Mia Malkova! Also Keisha Grey, in a rare IR scene, hot new girl Carmen Caliente, and Aidra Fox, in an unbelievably intense anal porn scene. Watch these cute young porn stars in jaw dropping hardcore action. “Super Cute 2” is directed by the award winning Mason.
Super Cute 2 Porn Movie   The Hot and Super Cute Girls Are BackSuper Cute 2 Porn Movie   The Hot and Super Cute Girls Are Back

Super Cute 2 Porn Scenes

The first scene is 36 minutes long, as the beautiful Blonde Mia Malkova Takes the Big Cock of A Hung Stud on the Couch. Second scene is 35 minutes long and this sexy Blonde Carmen Caliente Has Hot Sex with Her Man and Sucks His Huge Cock. Third scene is 26 minutes long and featuring the adorable Brunette Keisha Grey Fucks Her Hung Black Boyfriend on the White Couch.
Fourth scene is 39 minutes long with brunette Model Aidra Fox Takes His New Boy’s Big Cock up Her Ass.

Hot Porn Action

on all your devices. Nowadays a good porn movie doesn’t limit you to your DVD player or to your desktop. You can easily watch your favorite Super Cute 2 porn movie on any of your devices. It is compatible with desktop, laptop, your tablet and it plays even on your phone too. So nothing will stop you to enjoy the Super Cute 2 porn movie today.

Watch it or download it

The decision is yours to make, stay here on our site and watch the Super Cute 2 porn movie online. Lay back while you are streaming it and enjoy these hot babes in action. You can also choose to download it and keep it forever on your computer. It is up to you!

Miss Tuning Calendar 2016


The day you have been waiting for is finally here. The hot collection of sexy pictures from the Miss Tuning Calendar 2016 are here and ready for your viewing pleasure. Check out these gorgeous women and hot cars. Women and cars has always been a great match.

For the new Miss Tuning Liana Günter, the coming year will bring more than just the calendar photo shoot with star photographer Max Seam, with the best cars from the European Tuning Showdown serving as a backdrop. She will also participate in the key visual advertising campaign for the next Tuning World Bodensee 2016 (May 5 to 8) as well as a large number of VIP appearances and autograph sessions. (source:

Enjoy these fantastic pictures from the Miss Tuning Calendar 2016:

Candy Charms – Huge Tits British Bombshell

You are here because you wanna know about Candy Charms. I did not know much about this British bombshell until lately and I did regret this discovery. She is a piece of work, that’s for sure. Her figure is freaking amazing and if you pair with those huge tits, which are 32M in size. That’s equal to an LL cup. Those boobs are just pretty amazing!

Candy Charms

Her huge tits are holding 2500cc implants. I think she loves those surgeries, like many other hot babes do. Candy Charm was born in England and she is only 27 years old. She has a website and a very popular twitter page with over 124k followers. Candy has that kind of effect on men, which draws them to her and they all stay long time fans.

Candy Charm’s latest surgery

She did something unusual, Candy Charm travelled all the way to Iran to get a nose job. Iranian people were a bit outraged, how such porn star could have entered into their country for such surgery. She even had to close down her instagram account, it was getting hundreds of comments on her recent trip to Iran. Candy decided to close the account due to fear of getting hacked. She is hopeful that it can be reopened soon.

Wanna know more about Candy Charm?

Once you visit her site, you will be welcomed with hot pictures and plenty of info of this British porn star. Candy Charm updates her site regularly with amazing nude pictures and videos. Even if you want to get close up and personal with her, that is possible too. You can meet and chat with her via her live webcam session. If you wish to get to know her even better, I would recommend this site for you: //

Crazy asian girl Annie Cruz begging for anal sex


Watch it in HD quality – Crazy asian girl Annie Cruz begging for anal sex

Annie Cruz is sexy in pink and she is completely naked. She goes down on her knees and sucks her man’s dick and deep throats it well. He throat fucks her hard then moves to her cute ass. He takes her ass all the way in and then he did not forget to fuck her pussy hard too. She wants her asian girl to be satisfied.

Tatiyana Foxx-> Basic InformationAlso known as: Tatiyana Fox, Staysia Dior, Tatiyanna…

Tatiyana Foxx

Tatiyana Foxx > Basic InformationAlso known as: Tatiyana Fox, Staysia Dior, Tatiyanna...

-> Basic Information

  • Also known as: Tatiyana Fox, Staysia Dior, Tatiyanna Fox
  • Birthday: January 11, 1991
  • Astrology: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
  • Years of activity: 2011 – 2015 (Retired)
  • Number of films as performer: 13 (30 with web scenes & compilations)
  • Number of films as director:
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Origins:

-> Body

  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Hair type: Long, Straight
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
  • Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Measurements: 32-24-36 in (81-61-91 cm)
  • Bra/Cup size: 32C (85C)
  • Boobs: Natural
  • Tattoos: Full sleeve on both arms
  • Piercings: Navel
  • Dress size:
  • Shoe size: 7.5 U.S.

-> Performances

  • Anal: Yes
  • Ass To Mouth (ATM or A2M): Yes
  • Bondage (BDSM):
  • Creampie:
  • Cum swap:
  • Double Penetration (DP):
  • Double Anal Penetration (DAP):
  • Double Vaginal Penetration (DVP or DPP):
  • Facial: Yes
  • Fisting (Fister or Fistee):
  • Interracial (IR): Yes
  • Squirts: Yes
  • Swallows: Yes
  • Watersports (Pee or GS):

-> Awards, Honors & Hall of Fame

-> Additional Content

-> You can also find her on: –


Katie Thornton – Resistance Is Futile

Katie Thornton – Resistance Is Futile / Watch the FULL HD VIDEO here!

Who would or who could resist this gorgeous girl Katie? I do not think that anyone has the strength to pull that off. I mean just look at her, sexy, naughty and those incredible huge tits. You gotta admit that she is TOP quality!


Lucy Lee enjoys deep anal sex, especially when it is rough


Watch it in FULL HD – Lucy Lee enjoys deep anal sex, especially when it is rough

Lucy Lee starts her fuck session by bending over and giving a sloppy deep throat to her her man’s cock. He fingers her shaved little pussy hard and then lays back for hardcore fucking. Her nice tits bounce while being fucked and then her boyfriend fucks her ass.