katie thornton the reverse strip

Katie Thornton in The Reverse Strip

You are asking yourself the question, what the heck is “The Reverse Strip?”. This method is pretty new, we follow a beautiful women like Katie Thornton and we watch her getting ready for her day. Means that she goes to take a shower, then we can follow her until she is completely dressed up and ready for work. This is like watching your dreamgirl through a keyhole. 🙂

Katie Thornton loves to show off every single time, when the place and the time is right to do so. She pops out those juicy big tits and shows extremely sexy curves. Men go crazy for her and we cannot blame them for it. If you haven’t seen this gorgeous British Bombshell before, then just feel free to check out her earlier posts over here: //pornloverz.net/katie-thornton

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