The [Finally!] Comeback!

And yeah, with fresh new multiple changes!

First of all, thank you all for supporting, commenting, loving, sharing these posts and following this blog dedicated to your generous attention!

Just a few notes about “What happened ever since?”
In the middle of March, I had an epic problem with my computer, to tell you everything, I lost more than 75% of my data, because of a lot of viruses, Trojans, etc.
So I had to invest in a new computer, but most of the data that our team had been storing on an external hard drive (for safety measures, you know.) which, to our great misfortune, was also affected by the different malwares.
(Rosebuds for the whole team, ffs!)

That was the last straw for the team, who finally decided to give me back the total management of this accomplished work (Shout out to this great blog, by the way!).

To conclude with this helluva damn story, I had to move to another country, to a new culture, without any financial support, and everything that matters…

That being said, let’s get back to business, in other words, this great blog!

I, because now I no longer speak plural, am very happy to announce the future arrival of the Version (v.13), renamed [pOS 13] now. 
Why so?

This acronym means “porn OS, thirteenth generation of official information and naughty intelligence”. Lovely and shiny, isn’t it?

I will publish, a little later, a complete article on this whole new version that I developed for the greatest pleasure of my dear mischievous information followers, however, if I had to summarize in a few words the novelties that the latter will bring, I would say:

  • Addition of new subsidiary categories
  • Biographies of all our beloved porn stars up to date
  • A new porn star posted daily
  • Suggestions and messages will be treated, even if I don’t answer them directly (and in time, at least I will try to do the best I can!)
  • All hashtags will be up to date. Some will disappear in favour of the new ones, more adequate (also because of the quantitative restriction of hashtags, maximised at 30 per article on Tumblr)
  • More readable and comprehensive text reading, also more complete, thanks to sections in  italics, bold, strikethrough, hyperlinked, in parentheses and in brackets.
  • Addition of situations of absence or presence, with more details added in the case of a positive response to this element.

I will let you discover all the new features in details when it will be effective and published.
While waiting for this new wind of freshness, don’t hesitate to give your impressions, submit your ideas, love, share and follow this blog with passion and bravery!

With all my respect for each one of you, my beloved followers (and apparently, you are now more than 31k!), I wish you all the best! And THIS deserves a round of applause! Bravo! #SoProud

Your Kinky Information Provider

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