Candy Charms – Huge Tits British Bombshell

You are here because you wanna know about Candy Charms. I did not know much about this British bombshell until lately and I did regret this discovery. She is a piece of work, that’s for sure. Her figure is freaking amazing and if you pair with those huge tits, which are 32M in size. That’s equal to an LL cup. Those boobs are just pretty amazing!

Candy Charms

Her huge tits are holding 2500cc implants. I think she loves those surgeries, like many other hot babes do. Candy Charm was born in England and she is only 27 years old. She has a website and a very popular twitter page with over 124k followers. Candy has that kind of effect on men, which draws them to her and they all stay long time fans.

Candy Charm’s latest surgery

She did something unusual, Candy Charm travelled all the way to Iran to get a nose job. Iranian people were a bit outraged, how such porn star could have entered into their country for such surgery. She even had to close down her instagram account, it was getting hundreds of comments on her recent trip to Iran. Candy decided to close the account due to fear of getting hacked. She is hopeful that it can be reopened soon.

Wanna know more about Candy Charm?

Once you visit her site, you will be welcomed with hot pictures and plenty of info of this British porn star. Candy Charm updates her site regularly with amazing nude pictures and videos. Even if you want to get close up and personal with her, that is possible too. You can meet and chat with her via her live webcam session. If you wish to get to know her even better, I would recommend this site for you: //

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