Italian Porn – Nothing but the best

Italian porn goes way back in time. I remember that they had porn movies already in the 70’s and 80’s. During the 90’s Italian porn was a big hit. Not to mention in the early 2000’s. Italian porn has been always great to us. Very good movies indeed and that time every italian porn movie had a story too.

Not like nowadays

when 2 people walks into a room and starts fucking. In Italian movies there was passion and even a bit of romantica. I just loved it so much. The screen was not HD or in 4K, nothing like that. Of course at the time VR porn did not exist either. It was plain quality, I would say close to VHS. But boy, it gave us so many great moments watching those hot italian women getting fucked.

You might think

that in all italian porn movies the pornstars were italian. That is far from the truth. In those days many of their porn stars were from Hungary and other Eastern European countries. The whole movie was in italian, but I bet the actors and actresses could not speak a word of it.
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Italian Mature getting fucked

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Italian Porn   Nothing but the best

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Teen facial compilation

Teen facial compilation

What is teen facial compilation? It is a compilation of teen porn movies where the teen girls are covered in hot cum, all over their faces. Are you asking what is facial?

A facial is often a sexual activity when a man ejaculates semen onto the face of a number of sexual partners. A facial is a type of non-penetrative sex, though it can be generally performed after another means of erectile stimulation, such seeing that vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex or perhaps masturbation. Facial cum shots are regularly portrayed inside pornographic films and videos, often in order to close a landscape.


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Porntube Star Terry Nova

Porntube is fun,

because it is mostly free. You can watch as many porn movies as you wish and you do not have to pay a dime. First of all I go to porntube sites to find my favorite porn stars. Like Terry Nova, because she is hot and beautiful. I prefer women with some extra weight, not only bones. Terry has been in the adult business for a while now and she knows it all. She can please a man in any way or form. She has the look, she has those big boobs too. If you love Czech girls, you will surely love her too.

Terry Nova

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Now all eyes on him,

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Some of us just go crazy for barely legal teens, other prefer hot mature wives with experience. It is really nice to fuck a horny teen girl, but those are the times when you have to show the girl almost everything. She needs to know and she wants to know how to do it right. That’s the part where you come in and teach her how to kiss, how to suck on your dick and so on.

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Hot Mature Wives Live Cams From Their Homes

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Bikini Busting – BBW Style

In this BBW porn movie the four chubby ladies; Peaches LaRue, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Ivy Dreams gather on the wooden bridge over the swimming pool at a beautiful estate. For a  week, they must be dressed in swimsuits as they have been told to by their teacher, a Texas-born mistress of bbw sex. The first thing they have to do is to rub oil on each other…

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Ready For Stuffing with Juliana Simms

Are you Ready For Stuffing with Juliana Simms?

Before you say that you prefer skinny girls and you don’t give a damn about BBW girls…just take another look. It is not easy to find such beautiful women like Juliana Simms. She is an example for all the big natural boobs lovers out there. Her body is crafted on a way, that only a higher power can create. Enjoy every second of it, while it lasts.


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Ready For Stuffing with Juliana Simms

Katie Thornton, the hottest party girl

What kind of girl is Katie Thornton? You wish that you can go with her for bra shopping, don’t you?

Katie is trying to drive us crazy and she does a good job there. She is wearing a blue baby doll and she will slowly take it off only for you, even her stockings and those hot spike heels. She would want to play with her big tits, just to tease you even more. Who can say no to a busty nude model like Katie?

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Shaken not stirred featuring Leanne Crow

Every guy would prefer to have a bartender exactly like our dear Leanne Crow. Think of all the fancy cocktails you would order from Leanne. You would just say no to bottled drinks from that time on. Not because of the way Leanne makes cocktails. She shakes them too well!

Shaken not stirred featuring Leanne Crow

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Sexin’ The Bra-bustin’ Booty Babe Daylene Rio

Daylene Rio enters the home where Tony has been waiting for a long time. With the woman’s huge tits, sexy ass and face, she is worth waiting for. She’s wearing a top-notch dress so tight, and heels so very high, it’s a miracle she will even walk. When Daylene sits down next to him, something happens. Now you can witness this gorgeous Californian babe getting fucked in all holes.

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