Dolly Fox Katie Thomas – Curvy Blondes Kinky Moments

I had the idea to post some Dolly Fox videos earlier and it was a big success. Twitter account get lit up after that tweet. Many people shared it and liked it too. Today I will continue this journey to find more lesbian videos like that. I am presenting you Today Dolly Fox Katie Thomas in Curvy Blondes and Kinky Moments.

Dolly Fox Katie Thomas

are not your average girls. These 2 hot babes know what they want when it comes to sex and they are not afraid to go for it. It all starts on a lonely afternoon, while Dolly Fox was sitting on her bed. She felt lonely, therefore she invited her hot friend Katie Thomas over. You need to know that these lovely ladies are very top heavy and we love that.
When Katie Thomas came over, they started kissing almost immediately and they felt the urge to explore each other’s bodies. We had featured Katie already on our site but I did not know until now that she had lesbian movies. Especially with Dolly Fox Katie Thomas.

Katie Thomas alias Katie Thornton

…oh my, that is my dream couple when it comes hot lesbian porn. Back to the ladies, they started to play with their huge tits and finally they took their bra off. Those tits are only for serious boobs lovers. Katie pushed Dolly down and lick her tits all over, sucked on her nipples and made those nipples hard in seconds. Dolly Fox did not let Katie Thomas to suck on her boobs for a long time, because she got horny and she wanted to do the same to her. Miss Fox grabbed Katie’s boobs and try to suck them off from her chest. She has felt it that it is time to taste Katie’s pussy and she got between her tights and licked that joy hole for long minutes.

All the way

till orgasm. Then grabbed her favorite pink vibrator and fucked Katie’s pussy with it. That was their idea and they did go for it. Dolly Fox Katie Thomas laid down completely naked on their back and started to play with their sex toy. They pushed those colorful vibrators all the way up. Therefore they have kept pushing it and pushing it, until their body was shaking in joy and both were overwhelmed as the wave of orgasm hit them. Don’t believe me? Just watch the Dolly Fox Katie Thomas lesbian porn video below.

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Tits Out For Lawn Care Featuring: Katie Thornton

Katie Thornton’s tits out for lawn care. Katie is a gorgeous British babe and she has been featured on PornLoverz before. She proved it before that she loves the outside play and we captured those melons in the sun. Katie doesn’t mind to be seen in a string swimsuit at all, she looks fantastic wearing it. She is definitely an eyecandy girl from the UK!  Yesterday she has spent plenty of time in her own garden and it was a really sunny day. It was just a matter of time before she started to undress and continue the work completely nude for the rest of the time. Honestly, we could not wish for a better view. Those huge tits are jaw dropping.

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Stick what up my ass? Featuring Stephanie Stalls

Stephanie Stalls is definitely not a sex object. She is a real woman, she has gorgeous body, a cute face and huge natural tits. Those boobs are out of this world and you would consider yourself very lucky, if you would ever have the chance to grab, squeeze or suck on those big tits. Stephanie is not a shy girl next door, she knows what she likes and she wants to enjoy it. Miss Stalls told her lucky partner, that she wants to go for hard anal sex and of course our lucky fellow could not say no to that. Her only request was to lube her up first, then to fuck her ass. For that Stephanie wishes to use a butt plug, all the way in. Download the FULL HD movie here.


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Busting Out For Sex with Maserati

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Italian porn goes way back in time. I remember that they had porn movies already in the 70’s and 80’s. During the 90’s Italian porn was a big hit. Not to mention in the early 2000’s. Italian porn has been always great to us. Very good movies indeed and that time every italian porn movie had a story too.

Not like nowadays

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Italian Mature getting fucked

Just watch this hot scene with a mature italian mom and you will see why we love so much these porn movies.

Italian Porn   Nothing but the best

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The Hottest Lesbian scene: Alexis meets Luna


Watch the FULL MOVIE of Alexis May and Luna in HD quality

In this particular classic movie Alexis May possibly, the great Scot (Busty Hookers) kicked away from her American arrival. Partially one, Alexis meets Luna, an attractive American model who looks much like Alexis, she could possibly be her sister, or a minimum of a cousin.

They come on chummy real fast. Luna seductively sucks on the lollipop, then they suck on their nipples and get incredibly close, like girls accomplish. Now that they are usually well-acquainted and mashed-up, Luna puts on the giant strap-on cock as well as fucks the Scottish out of Alexis, ramming into the woman’s soaking wet “fud, ” to borrow a Scottish slang concept for pussy.

“My chest makes guys instantly interested in me over plenty of other girls, so I get their attention easily while other girls have a tough time getting attention, ” Alexis stated. “I mean, all I can do is stick out and about my chest and When i get attention. ”

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“I think some guys understand what they’re doing, some guys don’t understand what they’re doing and are likely to learn, and some guys think they understand what they’re doing but never, ” Alexis said.

Alexis was just 21 yrs . old when she made this specific DVD. She already knew all there is to know. “I was always getting into trouble with the teachers and my parents, mostly relating to sex. ”

Today, Alexis day-to-day lives in Spain.