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Tahnee Taylor gets the sex party started by playing with her DD-cup all natural boobs and licking her nipples front of that lucky fella. Few minutes later she slides a buttplug into her tight ass.
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Tahnee Taylor is a voluptuous MILF from California.  You won’t believe, but she born in 1965! Impossible, she looks much younger. Her measurements are 34-28-37, 38DD natural boobs and her height is 5’4″.
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When we first saw Nila Mason’s test shots from our European photographers, there was an impulse to move around the floor and bark, as Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of OZ. However we stayed still and kept looking at her amazingly hot pictures and nude video. Nila (pronounced Nee-la) is voluptuous – a genuine young lady with huge M-cup boobs, a very pretty face and attractive eyes. She’s very modest too. “I think my best components are my big natural boobs and my face,” said Nila with the help of one of our russian translators. She communicates in Russian and speaks only a few words of English. She infected us right away with her sweet personality. “I am exceptionally open and inviting. Most people say I have a warm personality.

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“If she is half as sexy without clothes as she is with clothes on, then we are very lucky to have her.” This thought has been running through my mind, the she suddenly dropped her clothes front of the camera and she started to move around like a pro. That was the moment when we all knew, that we hit the jackpot with her. Nila Mason will gather huge number of fans in so little time, that’s for sure.

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For the new Miss Tuning Liana Günter, the coming year will bring more than just the calendar photo shoot with star photographer Max Seam, with the best cars from the European Tuning Showdown serving as a backdrop. She will also participate in the key visual advertising campaign for the next Tuning World Bodensee 2016 (May 5 to 8) as well as a large number of VIP appearances and autograph sessions. (source: tuningworldbodensee.de)

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