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Natasha Nice – a cute French Pornstar

Natahsa Nice is one of the names that commands respect in the porn industry. She is everything that people want in a young, cute girl. She is well-known for her small size, only 1.57 meters, and for her extremely outgoing personality. Also, Natasha Nice nude is known for her extremely busty figure and her lovable curves. While she has been in the business for eight years now, Natasha Nice Pornhub and Natasha Nice Xvideos films are still among the most popular on the web today.

Early Life

Natasha Nice was born in France in 1988, but ended up moving to Los Angeles when she was three. After she graduated from high school at 18, she moved directly into the porn scene where she became renowned for her films. Natasha Nice porn videos began appearing on famous site like Brazzers and Pornhub.