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Local BangBook

Adult social sites that let you create a personal blackbook (bangbook) of sex are all the rage in the United States.
If you haven’t been to an adult dating type of site like that then just think about it like Facebook but for adults.
And instead of people talking about their new puppy or unwrapping Christmas gifts on those annoying videos on your timeline, adult social sites feature ads of regular people like you looking for sex. In other words, this is a typical hook up site that is taken to a whole other level. Thanks to the viral power of Facebook-type social media platforms.

BangBook   Create Your Own Local BangBookConsidering the reach of some online dating sites and how horny most guys are the typical adult social site like LocalBangBook is a dream come true for the typical dude, right? Well, if you look at hooking up as primarily a physical experience you really are selling yourself short. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a physically good time. That’s a given. But you need to look past the orgasm. You need to look past sticking your dick into a tight pussy or getting your dick sucked by a hot chick.

It goes beyond that.

It goes beyond you orgasming or making your partner orgasm many times. That’s given. What you should focus on is that adult social sites are able to unleash all sorts of community powers and dynamics. That enable people to escape the boredom of their everyday identities.

I don’t mean to be the first person to break this to you, but you are trapped. If you’re like the typical American you have identities imposed on you. When you go to your parents’ place you are their kid. When you go to show up for work you are either an employee or you’re the employer or you’re a part of the management or the supervisorial team. And so on and on it goes that you have to confront all these labels and all these roles. I wish that this was all banal, and ultimately harmless but they aren’t.

In many cases,

people let their roles define them and as a result they are walking around with mental prisons. And eventually you only need to do this long enough until you start behaving like a prisoner. You have to remember that the great project of the human condition is to live life with full and total freedom. It all plays out in your mind. It all plays out in your mindset and how you define your relationship with the rest of the universe.

And unfortunately, if we were to look at adult social sites as primarily as ways to get sex it’s too easy to play into the limiting beliefs. Those that make our lives more frustrating than they need to be. Do you get my point here? Do you understand where I’m coming from? So use adult social sites as staging grounds to become a completely different person. A person that is completely free of all the artificial limiting beliefs that you subscribe to. Consider it a vacation from your daily, waking reality.

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